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IT Security
Securing a network can be a scary task. From firewalls to routers to switches, a business network is a very complex system. Implementing a network is not the only issue; a network must also be secured to protect computers and information from threats.

The primary goal of information security is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. As more businesses get accustomed to using computers and the internet in the work environment, the safeguarding of this information has become critical. At PCS, we are committed to providing the professional information security services necessary to ensure that your network and information are secure. Our experienced staff can help make certain your network's security and data are protected from malicious attacks and intrusions.

Penetration Testing
A secure perimeter defense is essential to maintaining data integrity and customer privacy. Our External Network Security Assessment examines the organizations perimeter by mimicking the process used by attackers outside of the network attempting to break in. To accomplish this, we use both commercial and public domain tools to identify the networks current configuration and to help us identify any potential network vulnerabilities.

The results of our testing allow PCS technical personnel to determine the depth and degree of information vulnerabilities. We then include recommendations in our report to help strengthen the security of your network.

Security Planning
Information security is a combination of preventive, detective and recovery measures that includes education, awareness and training measures that inform computer users of the "acceptable use" principles practices that support the protection of information assets. These principles should be constructed to ensure that the information system reduces the risk of a threat event and potential scale of its adverse impact. We will determine the hardware, software and administrative services necessary to help protect against any attacks and reduce the risks and vulnerabilities associated with your network.

Social Engineering
The use of email in the workplace is no longer just a convenience, but a necessary tool used to conduct business, and as such, attackers have focused their energy on email and its many inherent vulnerabilities in an effort to gain access to confidential information inside your network defenses. PCS can help identify those risks and educate employees on a hacker's deceptive tactics.

Risk Management
With the business environment constantly changing and new threats and vulnerabilities emerging every day, risk management is an ongoing process. Our risk assessment will analyze risks, vulnerabilities and threats to a business and evaluate the control measures in place to help protect against anything that has the potential to cause harm to the network.