Welcome to PCS - Computer Sales & Service, IT Consulting, IT Security
Consulting Services
At PCS, we take a different approach to IT outsourcing; our approach aligns the interest of the business owner, the users and PCS. We recommend regular, proactive service and support to keep your businesses infrastructure protected and secure.

Our staff consists of a team of certified and experienced technicians who are regularly available to work with you in optimizing your network's infrastructure and security, supporting and solving general computer errors and many other IT services.

Network Services
Network infrastructure is a key aspect in many businesses. A poorly designed network can lead to issues in employee productivity and security risks. Our information security services can help protect important business data and our network design can help eliminate problems and increase the performance of your network. Our technicians are trained in supporting many types of networking devices.

Router and Firewall Configuration
Our qualified engineers have experience with installing SonicWALL, WatchGuard, Cisco and many other firewalls into small to midsize businesses. From global VPN's to an entry level firewall for a small company, we ensure your business data is safe. As more businesses get accustomed to using computers and the internet, the securing of information and the network has become increasingly important. At PCS, we are committed to providing the professional information security services necessary so that your network and information is secure. Our experienced staff can help design your network infrastructure and configure routers, switches and firewalls to ensure your network is protected. We have a complete security solution for your business.

Technical Support, Computer Repair and Remote Administration
Our technicians have experience in many different types of computer software and operating systems and have the expertise to solve those nagging computer issues. Since it is not always feasable to be on-site to solve problems, PCS has the ability to securely log in remotely to your computer and network to help troubleshoot any errors that may be occurring. You can be assured your IT systems are in safe and reliable hands with PCS - you can have your own IT department on call without the need for dedicated staff. With our remote administration services, there are no wasted expenses on travel time; our technicians can assist the business directly from our office.

Disaster Recovery
Computer and server backup devices are critical in today's technological world. A server failure without a backup device in place can be devastating. PCS can help devise a system to ensure all components and data are safeguarded.